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n508513185..49_5134.jpg After all these years I still remember the book Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon that totally inspired me:The adventures of traveling the blue roads (back roads) and the characters and adventures met. Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler: A woman dealing with divorce decides to find herself and lose her past in a little town intriged me!
Why would a 50 something grandma want to travel “solo” through the small towns of Indiana and Ohio?
Maybe it is the desire to photocapture the essence of our Midwest’s greatest gems:Small towns!
Maybe it is to gauge the health in this Wal-Mart era and to see what effects the economy downturn has done to them.
Maybe it is my love for photography that is sending me packing.
Maybe it is the traveling passion I have been blessed/cursed with. I have never traveled alone. but I want to give it a try. Can I really eat by myself? I will be safe: no helping out any creepy hitchhikers.
Living in a small town, I know very well the struggles but, there is uniqueness to each little dot on the road map. My objective is to capture and share.

My car, my camera, a road map and a sense of adventure.

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