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Crossing the Line!

Or disproving the hypothesis that Ohio sucks...

IMG_5464.jpgHoosiers love the joke: " Why do all the trees in Indiana lean to the East? Because Ohio sucks!"...Naaaa...It really doesn't.
I think my GPS hates me. I would venture off so much from all the excursions that she stopped giving me directions. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear“ Well, smart pants just find your own freakin way. I’m takin a smoke break”

I am relaxing in a Holiday inn in Celina Ohio. I have been through quite a few towns. I think the best photo I got the whole day was about my first. I crossed the state line and saw this white church off the road. Sitting on the steps was an old lady by herself reading a book in a blue hat and dress. My first town destination was Pioneer. I like the name. I think its claim to fame is that it has the longest ( and only) stoplight in the state. I kid you not I could have toasted a grill cheese sandwich for as long as I sat there. The downtown was dead other than a junky garage sale. The nearby town was Cooney! The name of our beloved family cat growing up. There was not much to the town other than one old building with the sign “Doggone it’s fun to save at Cooney’s discount” Cooney would have hated that.
Roundhead, Ohio named after Chief Roundhead. Not much there other than a fire dept and a church and not one picture of a Roundheadian.
Jumbo Ohio! You gotta love a town that named itself after an African elephant displayed by P.T. Barnum. I thought I would find an elephant statue or “Jimbo’s Jumbo Discount Tires” What did I found? A boarded up building and a trailer park. Hmmm…Possibly retired carnies?
I saw no farms for sale. Yeah, for Ag! Many farmers were in the field today. I saw hay being cut! The country roads in Ohio are straight unless there is a graveyard in the way.
Tomorrow I am going to check out Grand lake. We stopped here at a Wendys one time traveling through and Aaron refused to eat because the town smelled like carp. Sheesh! ...What a goof.

Posted by CSchoon 18:36

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Well, Cathy, one thing you have to add to your daily commentary is "How many miles" you travelled for the day - so we don't have to take out the road maps! Tom really liked the comments on "Cooney." He remembers it always laying on the dryer. Continue on your safe, fun journey!! Love, Geo & Tom

by Geo

Sounds like you are having quite an adventure so far! This picture is GREAT! I bet it looks the same 100 years ago! (Even with the lady in front.)
Looks like you have some wonderful traveling weather too.

by Vanessa

Cathy! Looks like your trip is going wonderfully! I hope you have had some great photo opportunities and that the weather keeps up this wonderful warm temps! The dogs are all wonderful, Errin and I have been playing fetch with them these last two days, Tilly hasn't quite gotten the hang of bringing it back, but we're working on it! :) I'll be checkin' back here to see other pictures!

by Ashley

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